R&D in CHNet

CHNet research initiatives are developed within the National Scientific Commission 5 (CSN5), the INFN committee for technology and interdisciplinary researches. Moreover, the network is involved in many projects financed by the Ministry of University and Research, by local authorities and by the European Commission. 

INFN National Scientific Commission 5 

  • CHNet_Niche
    Development of a set-up for neutron imaging and tomography at the LENA facility of Pavia

Local authorities 

Ministry of University and Research

    Development of a small transportable proton accelerator to be used for PIXE measurements (in collaboration with CERN  and Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence)


European Commission

  • 4CH
    The competence centre for the conservation of cultural heritage, focusing in particular on sites and monuments. The competence centre aims at the study, the enhancement of cultural heritage and at the knowledge transfer in a strong synergy among public, private partners and institutions. 
    (Horizon 2020, GA n.101004468)
    A research infrastructure giving highly specialized services for the study and the diagnostics in the framework of cultural heritage. INFN-CHNet takes part to IPERION HS with its units of LABEC, Florence, and LNGS.
    (Horizon 2020, GA n. 871034)
  • EOSC_Pillar
    A project aiming at the realization of a digital infrastructure involving Austria, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy to share scientific data according to the Open Science principles.
    (Horizon 2020, GA . 857650)
  • ARIADNEplus
    A research infrastructure to integrate archaeological and archaeometric datasets from more than 40 European institutes on a digital platform (leader of the project PIN, Prato)
    (Horizon 2020, GA n. 823914)