Past experiments

The experiments in which the network has been involved since 2014 belong to the following lines of research:

  • Dating
    TL: response to controlled doses of alpha particles
    TL/OSL: difference in the response to alpha and X doses
    TL: study of fibre dosimeters for activity measurements in soil
  • X-ray techniques
    X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) with pinhole technique (FullField-XRF)
    X-ray Diffraction (XRD) with CCD
    X-ray Radiography (RX) with k-edge technique
    X-ray Tomography and Digital Radiography applied to cultural heritage
  • Induced luminescence
    Luminescence induced by ion beams (IBIL) or by X-rays (RadioLuminescence, RL)
    IBIL: time-resolved response of luminescence induced by pulsed proton beams
    RL: study of the possibility of extending the standard IBIL technique to X-ray sources